Nirvana Funeral Package Service Flow – 富贵殡仪套装服务流程

Nirvana Funeral Service Packages


Nirvana Funeral Packages

我们的完整服务流程 ,让您的家人安枕无忧

  • 领取死亡下葬与下葬证书。
  • 如果死因是他杀或自杀,法医将为死者解剖,寻找死因。解剖后,解剖报告将寄到警局,以便开发下葬证书。
  • 协助认领遗体并运送回丧府或我们的富贵纪念馆。
  • 在让家属瞻仰遗容之前,我们将为死者作防腐工作、清洁尸身、穿上寿衣及化妆。
  • 让死者进棺,然后准备殡葬追悼礼仪。
  • 如果殡葬追悼礼仪在死者家里进行,我们将提供大棚、电风扇、灯、桌子、桌布及椅子。
  • 我们也提供死者相片放大服务。
  • 用鲜花装饰死者遗照的相框。
  • 架设庄严灵位以便进行宗教祈祷仪式(打斋),为死者准备追思屏风(Memory Lane Ancestry Rack)。
  • 提供帛金簿与帛金箱。
  • 提供路向指示牌与灯笼。
  • 提供专业服务人员。
  • 提供两晚坐夜服务人员(6pm-12am,每晚1位工作人员)。
  • 富贵殡仪套装提供3天2夜的水果与素食餐点。
  • 富贵殡仪套装的服务包括提供女婿铭旗、麻衣孝服、糖果红包、饮品,以及花生。
  • 提供专业音乐队、追思相册,以及封棺服务。
  • 豪华礼车一辆,负责运载孝子、孝女,豪华灵车,负责运载棺木, 以及一辆豪华冷气巴士运载客人。
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Call For More Details

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Funeral Service Packages Promotion – Early Bird Promotion

NV Honour, NV Elegant, NV Gracious

Effective April, 2013, a special promotion with attractive discount and freebies for pre-need purchases.

Buddhist / Taoist 3 Days 2 Nights – Funeral Service Package
Inclusive of :
- Death Registration and Relevant Processes for Death Certificate & Burial Permit
- Casket
- Hearse
- Parlor at home or at Nirvana Memorial Center
- Prayer Sifu (Taoist or Buddhist)
- Nightly refreshments for guests inclusive coffee & tea
- Use of crematorium or burial ceremony
- Ash urn for cremation
- Deceased longevity cloths
- Children mourning garments
- Joss paper house and full sets of prayer materials
- Music Band
- Return journey 40 seater bus
- Other details as specified in the catalog


Package NV Honour NV Elegant NV Gracious
Pre-Need Price RM30,800 RM21,560 RM15,260
Payment Method
20% Down Payment RM6,132 RM4,312 RM3,052
Balance 36Months 0% Interest Installment RM682 RM480 RM340
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Call For More Details

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New ideas for the send-off 送 行 的 新 理 念

Dear Valued Customers,

Something worth your time. Take a look.

Besides witnessing Nirvana winning the 2 honorable awards, Corporate Social Responsibility Award & Marketing Strategy Award, at the Asia Funeral Expo (AFE), Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on May 2013, this day has also been a big eye opener day for everyone about how to manage one’s final destination.

6th AFE a_7Jun13 6th AFE b_7Jun13 Award Winning

Call For More Details

Call For More Details

Thank you.

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Heritage Court Columbarium

Dear Valued Customers,

We are pleased to announced an Preplanned Economy package for Heritage Court Columbarium together with a Funeral Service Packages.  Save up to 25% With 0% installment up to 36 Months. (T&C Apply)


Level Original Columbarium Price (A) Original Package Price (B) A+B Price (Before Discount) Promotion Package Price (A+B)
DB 3 To 8 24,800 30,800 55,600 41,360
DR/DL 3 To 8 21,800 30,800 52,600 38,360
DB/DR/DL 1,2 & 9 17,800 30,800 48,600 38,360

Extended family sitting outdoors smiling

Call For More Details

Call For More Details

Validity starts from 2nd July 2013 – 30th Sept 2013.


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