Enlightenment Ceremony at Nirvana Memorial Garden, Semenyih

The Largest Enlightenment Ceremony in South-East Asia
Enlightenment Ceremony is the most important annual religious ceremonies at Nirvana Memorial Park which show respect towards departed ancestors, prayer for longevity and blessing for family members. Thousand of benevolent people gathered at the Park to pray for the ancestors and prayer for longevity.

The keen involvement by participants is ample testimony of the time-honored virtues of filial piety which is faithfully observed by the Chinese community.

Enlightenment Ceremony at Multi-Purpose Complex, Nirvana Memorial Garden, Semenyih

This Enlightenment Ceremony is meant to transcend and raise the departed souls from suffering, to show respect towards our ancestors, conduct prayers for longevity, health and blessings for parents. It is one of the most important annual religious ceremonies at the Nirvana Memorial Garden, Semenyih. We welcome all benevolent people from everywhere to attend this ceremony.

Nirvana Memorial Garden, Semenyih
Enlightenment Ceremony
15th, 16th & 17th of the 7th month of Lunar Calendar
28 August 2015 ~ 30 August 2015
(Friday, Saturday & Sunday)